Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Here are three of the four socks I had made for my husband for his birthday. He is wearing one today. I sent three skeins of Austerman Step and one of Trekking XXL to Beth at Socks That Fit in New Mexico and she knit them up on an antique sock knitting machine - I think that was great considering men don't want fancy socks anyway so I was pleased. You'll note she did a nice job of matching up the patterning too. Now I know why people are crazy about Trekking (it's the dark blue sock) the colors are great and it feels great too. We'll see how the Step wears with washing etc - it's the yarn that's supposed to get softer with wear and washing due to infusion of Aloe and Jojoba.

Also, here is the scarf I knit for him in a hand-dyed cashmere yarn that my friend Lauren gave me for Xmas - it's DH's favorite color. It's in farrow rib - my new favorite rib pattern!

Finally, here is further progress on my "prettiest sock yet" - I am trying an Eye of Partridge heel. It is challenging to recall which row is a S1 or S2, but it sure is purty. I may try a "star toe" just for the heck of it!
BTW the pattern is a modification of the scallop shell pattern from Crystal Palace - I substituted the ribbed cuff with a garter edge, the eye of partridge heel for a standard heel stitch flap, etc.


Lovs2Knit said...

Glad to see/here that the sock yarn came back as good looking socks. I have some Austermann Step I need to knit up into a pair of socks for my mom. I've heard its nice to knit with.

HPNY Knits said...

everything looks great!

Emma said...

Those certainly look like they will be pretty socks!

Charles said...

Thats socks pic is digging be soo bad!!! NIce socks!!

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