Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More finished objects... sigh!

I have some FOs to report. Some items that were lingering in the bottom of my move to the very satisfying FO column.

At last, prompted by pending Patty's day merriment, I came up with a use for the Material Whirled Handspun skein Lucky Charms that I bought a year ago. It was so fun and lovely I couldn’t choose the right pattern for it, but this winter I became enamored of the Cathy Carron’s book Hip Knit Hats. So I used one of those patterns to make a fun St. Patricks Day hat — note the horseshoe and shamrock pins, cufflinks and even a pot of gold woven in!

NOT A BRUIN HAT: I had started a hat with some navy Plymouth Baby Alpaca, and was using a Hip Knit Hats pattern for striping and using some gold kettle dyed yarn from Uruguay ( and I stopped because, Trojan that I am, I was really bugged that I was making a hat a Bruin would love. But my husband really needed a hat during our last cold snap and said – that looks cool, finish it. Once I finished it it really does not look like UCLA as much as I thought.

I finished a pair of socks in a scalloped lace pattern with Fleece Artist sock merino, in the Ivory colorway – my best socks yet though still mistakes. With these socks I tried a couple of new techniques: eye of partridge heel and star toe.

Still to be photographed:

I finished the Celtic Vest kit from Fleece Artist – now I need to block it – I’ve never blocked before but somehow I think this will be worth it – it is silk and wool so I believe it should block fine.
My felted clogs finally felted enough and I wear them often – there are still funky spots with my sewing so I need to give it another shot to see if I can make something that looks better (see a pattern here?)
I am one small ball away from finishing the Klee scarf kit from AL Sauveterre – my first cashmere knitting experience. It became a bit tedious – size 5 needles, 30 rib stitches for countless rows – but I really wanted something to show off when I go to Camp Cockamamie – the Blue Moon Fiber Arts camp in April in Orcas Island, with camp leaders Stephanie Pearl McPhee and Cat Bordhi.

I also called on the talents of some professional knitters to help me with a kit I purchased last fall. It's the Ilga Leja lace vest made with Handmaiden Lady Godiva. Christina did a fantastic job, I am so pleased - here is my attempt at a photo.

Two knitting questions: this Klee scarf had tons of yarn changes and I have a tremendous amount of end weaving to do. I had woven in some ends already and I can feel where I did it. Any advice on more invisible end weaving?

Re my Not-a-Bruin hat: striping in a spiral was not attractive – I definitely have a rear of the hat where you can see my row changes. Any advice on making that more professional looking?


Tammy said...

Wow what a great job you've done finishing things!! I am working on the same thing. I have at least two pairs of socks to finish, plus a couple more in the queue before camp. It will be great to meet you!!

I am so glad that Dublin Bay did a great job of over the phone orders!! I love that shop!! They have a sweater on display that is made from Cashsoft, oh it is so yummy. It is a cardigan, and I am really afraid of cardigans, but I want a sweater just like it!!

Lynda the Guppy said...

LOVE the green hat! And the head it's on is pretty darn cute, too!

I'm impressed with the socks. And I'm VERY jealous about your Camp trip.

We'll talk soon. Things should settle a bit mid-April. Let's try to get together!