Monday, February 19, 2007

My prettiest sock yet!

Here's the cuff of the best sock I've knit yet - It's the Ivory colorway of Fleece Artist sock yarn - I love it, it is so nice to knit something that is light and shows the stitches and to use yarn that has no tendency to pool.

I have been laying off on posts for a while because I want to post about the scarf and socks I made for my husband for his brithday, and since he is my most faithful blog reader, I had to refrain.

Here is a pic of my first ever toe-up sock. Course I have to knit its partner, and I'm not as enthused about it as I am the fleece artist.

Made some purchases this last week that I will post pics of when they arrive. When I heard Sweet Georgia was taking a sabbatical I had to stock up, and that led to discoveries of other sock yarn I couldn't resist.

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Lovs2Knit said...

Like the socks. What pattern are you using for the Fleece Artist sock?