Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tiny cat wanted, or Reason #738 to get a kitten

Again my apologies for taking so long to blog. I have had to take it slow with the needlework due to continued pain with my hands. I have a DR appt later this month and I will bring it up.

I also have been discouraged with the (lack of) success with my knitting projects. The Kitty Pi bed that I was so proud of is too darn small for my beloved pinhead, Utah, thus the addition to my long list of reasons why next year we should get a kitten (or a very tiny dog). Please don't faint, intrepid readers who happen to be family members (you know who you are).

I have started a swatch for my knitting retreat and blast it, it is too big! Tho that could be worse. It is an embellishment retreat that will take place in Idyllwild in October. And last night I finally chose one of the 200 ripple patterns from the Jan Eaton book and started the long scarf/wrap with the beloved Judi & Co yarn that I got at Stitches in February. I decided to crochet - a rather lacy pattern so it should be lightweight - and I did my first rows in this great Elizabeth Lavold angora yarn - oh my gosh it is yummy. A beautiful taupe color.

In other news, we are just loving our puppy up - she is getting so big (they did say she was a miniature?) I had a very intense month of video production where I literally was driving all over LA County - from the very western edge, where we live, to the southern tip in San Pedro, and the eastern edge in Hacienda Heights - three times a week. My fuel bill was nasty. It went pretty well - ask me about the Commutative, Associative and Distributive Properties! Dare ya! And this week should be the final one of editing my videos about ethics and sexual harassment. The big challenge for me with work is coming up with a treatment for a project about storytelling in the workplace. I have also been busy as the enrichment coordinator for my oldest son's elementary school, and his AYSO team parent. The crunch is past with those duties, thus more time to knit, crochet and blog.

My next challenge: I want to finish some socks! I joined some sock clubs: Petals and Socks That Rock, and have this amazing yarn. Plus I got the infamous trekking XXL. Right now I can't seem to remember how to work in the round! I need to hook up with my knitting groups more and get some support on the sock thing. I did pay for some classes and only took the first so I also need to schedule my last classes on the subject!

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