Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Kiss my handmaiden

I have been admiring Handmaiden yarn by Fleece Artist from afar, and finally took the plunge, in a big way, at the Color Song online store. I especially wanted some 100% cashmere to make the "Inner Truth" scarf in Mag Knits. I have never knit with 100% cashmere and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

I indulted in four kits: Antique Lace, Celtic Vest and the Maid Marian Vest. That means I will be knitting with Lady Godiva, their wool silk blend (which I have considered for a clapotis) I chose the Lily Pond colorway. The Celtic Vest is in Scotian Silk, another wool silk blend. Maid Marian is knit with Stretoo & Lady Godiva, and I am curious to learn what is meant by the Fleece Artist "swing technique" of alternating yarns. The fourth kit is from Nature Song Yarn, which is a line of handcrafted organic yarns using plant dyed, natural colors. I was tempted by the Imperial Pagoda Scarf by Hand Jive Knits which looks like it would be fun to use for some of my other stash yarns. I chose the lovely Jade Agate colorway.

I have made tremendous progress on my Amazing Lace project and am close to finishing the middle section and starting the final frill. It was quite a challenge but I feel I learned a lot and am willing to try another simple lace project.


Word Warrior said...

Yes -- but how do you really FEEL about Scotian Silk? Can't wait to see the new stuff!

Juls said...

I too have been totally admiring the Handmaiden stuff...almost ready to take the plunge. Seems like the Celtic vest and Maid Marion are pretty similar and I'm leaning towards the Lady Godiva instead of Scotian silk since the Godiva seems shinier---ahh, silk. Can't wait to see how it looks when you knit it up!

Rhy said...

Wohoo, Im totally excited for you, Handmaiden/Fleece Artist patterns & fibers are TO DIE FOR! I'm an addict myself...lol.

Have fun & will come back to see howy our making out!