Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Done, Done, Destash

In my last post I mentioned near completion of my Variation on a Frill. I got to the end of the 400 yard skein of Schaefer Laurel, and started searching for the second skein I knew I would need to complete the work. Nowhere to be found in the appropriate arranged-by-color cubby. I was determined to finish this piece so I pulled EVERYTHING out of my yarn shelving. Had a huge mess in my office. No such second skein. So I contacted ChezCas where I bought the first skein to confirm the number of purchases of said yarn - just one! So this turned into a good opportunity to just pull out all the yarn I never really will knit. Stuff I bought just because it was on sale or because a pushy yarn store owner was pushing it on me (she had me buy almost 10 skeins of yarn just to make a purse - and I never made the dang thing!) I have so many balls of yarn from this now-defunct store because somehow I would do what this lady wanted. Yikes.

So I made some bags of fun scraps and balls that I wouldn't use; gave some to a friend of a friend who is starting to knit; game some to a friend who makes felted purses so only needs bits of yummy yarn to make an impact. Still have bags and bags of yarn left to donate or give to a better home. It feels good to pare down. After 2 years of knitting I have a better idea of what I like to work with, what projects appeal to me etc.

I completed one of the kits I got from ColorSong yarn - the Imperial Scarf. Afraid my beads may be too long - I think it looks better shorter in the kit picture - could have saved some money on beads! I also plunged in and knit a scarf out of one of the Material Whirled skeins I bought earlier in the year. Used size 19 needles and had fun watching the fiber change. I tried ribbing, seed stitch etc but it looked best in plain old garter.

And I am just inches away from completing the strap on the Lotorp bag (from Noro Revisited by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton) made with Iro. Good thing I had four skeins - the pattern called for 3 but I have had to crack into number 4 to get the strap to a decent length. Will have enough left for a hat or skinny scarf I think.

Also just a few pattern repeats from finishing the cable strip for the blanket I've been working on using Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky. This pattern is from MagKnits scarf: Inner Truth. I'm glad I've approached it as a blanket strip and not a scarf, I would prefer a scarf to be reversible. A friend gave me a beautiful reversible scarf pattern that I may try with the Handmaiden cashmere I ordered tho it is multicolored and I wonder if a solid would be more sucessful. Will swatch it and see!

My embellishment retreat sponsored by the Hemet Valley Knitters Guild approaches - weekend of the 20th. Hope to get a lot of knitting done tho I am driving so there goes some precious knitting time!

We drew names in my family for gift exchange and I got my brother-in-law. Of course I'd like to knit something. I revisited some of the Scarf Style patterns (inspired by the selection of the Forbes Forest as the best project ever in someone's Knitting Meme). However I found a beautiful cable muffler in Beadlizard's blog and may give that a try. I went back to the folks at ColorSong for help with yarn selection, thinking cashmere, but they suggested I try a new alpaca that they are carrying and I chose something sight unseen over the phone with the very friendly proprietor Nancy. I told her I have been tempted by Handmaiden's Sea Silk and she steered me instead toward the Silken and suggested an easy bias knit on big needles to make a nice evening wrap. My top choice in color, Mahogany, was not available so I decided on Midnight.

I have really enjoyed being re-energized about the knitting, but all of this productivity has come at a cost; my RSI is flaring up and I am hurting again, especially at night. I think the Lotorp pattern is the culprit because it is knit on small needles to make the fabric tight enough for a nonfelted handbag. I see the light, with finishing the strap in the next day or so. Then I will stick to more hand-friendly patterns such as the cables, and more pliant yarn. I have resolved to never buy another skein of Noro, and to look to brands such as SWTC Karaoke and Rowan Tapestry for the beautiful self-striping long transitions colorways.


HPNY Knits said...

sorry to hear you are not feeling well wit the knitting. I love your orange scarf! such great stitch definition! I'd love to try one soon, maybe for the red scarf project.

lauren29 said...

beware of knitting with 100% cashmere. it's addicting!!!I need to go to a 12 step program for my cashmere addiction.Just started knitting 1 year ago and cant go back to other yarns after using cashmere.its all your fault! HeHe!!!!

Reenie said...

Can I steal your scarf picture for my customer gallery????
It looks great!

anneland22 said...

I think that your lotorp theory is highly possible. I love that pattern. Was it worth the pain? (I might vote yes.)