Friday, August 04, 2006

The world has gone to hell in a yarnbasket!

I don't think you need me to tell you how dire conditions have become in the Middle East. Just let the expressions on my sons' faces tell you how bad it truly is. So, in the spirit of true American consumerism and denial, we took ourselves to Legoland, and had a grand old time.

I actually started a knitting project which turned out to be quite fun and easy - the infamous "Kitty Pi" felted cat basket. With more than seven hours of driving time, I managed to get a lot accomplished! Utah, our mackeral Tabby, has already expressed her approval by lounging on the WIP at her first opportunity. Just have the rim left to knit - then the felting. I had NO problems with RSI, my hands are doing pretty well, tho still bothering me in the night.

My ripple crochet lapghan is nearly completed - I could call it quits now, or forge on to try to use up more of the yarn. But I really only have two types left so it would start to diminish the whole multi-yarn pattern that has been established. Do I trim it or not? Not sure - am leaning towards NOT so I can move on to other projects...


Marie said...

The kids are adorable! I love that picture!

JoanM said...

The afgan is really pretty. It is amazing how cats love wool. My cat sat on a cardi I was blocking, it was wet, and had pins sticking out