Saturday, April 15, 2006

More WIPs

Here are two more projects on the needles. One is my first small attempt at intarsia - the front of the Nicky Epstein Fuschia bag from Fabulous Felted Purses. I have knit the back, and severa of the appliqued leaves. There is really not that much more to do - I just find it tedious dealing with all the bobbins, and it seems silly to do it this way - why didn't the pattern just do it all in duplicate stitch? A teacher at Village Knittery said I would be happier if I was using straights rather than circulars, but it is Use What You Have month, so I will soldier on. (Or just avoid it, which is what I've really been doing)

Instead of working on the Nicky Epstein, I have begun the Victorian Jacket kit that I picked up from WEBS at Stitches West. It is a kit of Great Adirondack yarns, and I am enjoying the pattern. I am halfway across the back. It is fun - not boring stockinette. There are some interesting stitch patterns that I don't know the name of; also double seed stitch, bobbles, yarnovers. The problem I'm having is that the colorways don't really go together so well.

The silk yarn has a lot of pink in it, while the other yarns are more beige and cream, with really no pink at all. It almost seems like an entirely different colorway. And here is the downside of buying at a remote location - if it was from a LYS I could substitute the skeins - I don't have the patience to deal with that with a web supplier, who would probably tell me I'm wrong and it's handpainted so what do I expect. (spoken like a true pessimist) Anyway the rule is if you use it 3 times it looks like it's meant to be so it should probably be just fine.

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Knitcrazy said...

Hi Rebecca,
i LOVE that sweater !!!!