Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Project ColorSwap!!

My Project Colorswap package from Tammie in North Carolina arrived! What an artist! What an abundance of goodies.

Let me list everything! She gave me these wonderful cards she made by sewing pieces of fabric to cardstock - she also made a bookmark. She made a small cosmetics bag, and also a bag to hold travel-size kleenex (and gave me tissue too - just in time for allergy season!) Everything of course in the month's colors of YELLOW & ORANGE. There is a packet of Earl Grey tea (ever notice the yellow wrap?) a tin of ginger altoids, Burt's Bees lip balm, Clementine Body cleanser from CO Bigelow, fun fruity bath confetti, Henna tattoos, 2 flower pins/brooches made from fabric, a Martha Stewart Kids magazine, and gummi hot dogs for the kiddoes, 2 packs of sculpey in - you guessed it - yellow and orange, some yellow Flexi-Lace Hem facing (not too familiar with this - please enlighten me) some wonderful refrigerator magnets, a pack of gift tags, a chocolate bar with orange filling. Oh, I forgot to mention the Bright Lights Cosmos seeds!

Everything is artfully wrapped in yellow tissue paper, tied with yarn and she made these lovely gift tags that have her blog address. Very artsy this lady - do check out her blog, her photography and her crafting are wonderful. as are her entries...

I hope I haven't missed anything - I am very overwhelmed by the creativity, generosity, attention to detail.

Thank you Tammie! Her blog is linked in the sidebar - check it out!

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Lynne said...

What a great package! You lucky ColorSwapper, you!