Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ain't They Sweet?

Not about knitting - but just had to share these pics from last weekend.

I took the kids to Griffith Park to give Dad a day for writing and met a friend with her children who are nearly the same age as mine.

We met at the pony rides - I had no idea how intense those are! No wonder there is a huge line! My boys said they never wanted to do that again!

Next we rode the train, which was such a nice ride, better than the one at Travel Town. And then we went to Shane's Inspiration, which is a universally accessible playground. Grant's school did a field trip there when he was in kindergarten. You can see how a little bit of ice cream makes any day grand!

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Word Warrior said...

I can't choose between Grant and Logan or Logan Cuddles Mommy for my wallpaper.