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Friday, March 24, 2006

Yarn Lust

While browsing blogs yesterday, I was tempted to visit KPixie and there I found their one-of-a-kind yarn section, with artisanal spun yarns from around the country. I was especially intrigued by the work of the two women of MaterialWhirled and now I am in total yarn lust, trying to decide which one (one!?!) of these yummy skeins I could pick and what on earth I could do with it (how about an artful arrangement in an artglass bowl in the middle of our formal dining table?). I really appreciate the whole "Knit what you have" campaign I've seen out there, and also realize that yarn lust is just part of what the Buddha calls our cycle of suffering - there will never be enough, will there? But there is also something to be said for supporting the work of these amazing artists. I read bits of their blogs and got a small picture of their lives and would like to do my small part to recognize their craft. And if anyone wants any gift ideas for picky old me, remember this post!


The Guppy said...

Hey! FYI, KPixie is where I found the pattern for my Olympic Cable scarf.

HPNY Knits said...

if you like Handspun. check this place out ( click on every link!)


Word Warrior said...

Yep, you're my little yarn ho'.