Friday, March 24, 2006

Use What You Have Month

April is "Use what you have month". Tough for the LYSs; glad I'm not an owner! I seriously considering buying a store last month.

Getting my stash arranged in my new shelf will help - I can really appreciate what I have and get going on some serious stash reduction! It is rather distressing to go through these serious piles of yarn and see the projects I thought I would make, and now that I am more experienced , realize I don't want to make them any longer. I know better the kinds of yarn I like working with, what is challenging, what is mind-numbing etc.

I do love the experience of yarn shopping: reading the books and patterns, researching the yarns and prices, walking the aisles and fondling the wares, chatting up the peeps and other customers, all with a dreamy glazed expression, imagining the oohs and aahs of friends and strangers over the FO. If you care to join me in this effort, lmk!

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