Thursday, March 23, 2006

At play in the fields of the net

So I figured out how to insert buttons and to ACTUALLY MAKE THEM WORK!!! Please check out my buttons (ahem, not those buttons)! Next I want to learn how to make one for my blog! Anyway these buttons allow you to subscribe to bloglines so you know when I add new posts. One is for Project Colorswap, where I have been assigned a buddy, Tammie in Carey, NC, with whom I will swap objects colored orange and yellow - the colors for the month April. I have prepared a yummy package for Tammie and am ready to address it, stamp it and send it xcountry. Next, I have signed up for Flash Stash - where folks will be posting images of their stash! This I am looking forward to because I have bought one of the shelves from my LYS which has closed, and plan to artfully arrange my stash in my office, rather than have it shoved into plastic bags and storage bins strewn about the floor. Next I want to get a comfy couch/futon/chair and set up a nice lamp and table and sit and gaze at the beautiful fiber. Yeah yarn is like crack for me. You know you're out there. Then there are buttons for fun sites like MagKnits, Yarn Harlot etc. I will be collecting buttons from my favorite sites - check back later!!

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