Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Joyful handfuls of Klee

This is the most exciting yarn purchase I have ever made!! I purchased the Klee Scarf Kit in handpainted cashmere by A.L. de Sauveterre. I actually got the DK weight yarn which has a different name and pattern - I started it last night - had to drop everything to get my hands on this! It was my first time knitting with 100% cashmere, which is truly a delight. And the colorways are amazing. Fun fun fun!!! And this is something I can really see wearing a lot!

You get 8 small (wound) balls of different handpainted colorways to knit as you please, any number of rows in a simple rib pattern. One challenge that concerns me is weaving in all those ends. At first I started a fibonacci sequence, and then I realized - I didn't want to many ends so I am doing larger numbers of rows. I also have been playing with the Random Stripe Generator for some inspiration in the striping which is very cool.


HPNY Knits said...

I have had my eye o that yarn for over a year. can't wait to see how it looks for you!
it sounds lush and luxurious!

Anonymous said...

The colour combination looks absolutely gorgeous! Merry Christmas

Tammy said...

Those colors are so pretty!! You've been tagged, so you'll need to stop by my blog to see what you have to do. :)

tammie said...

oh my gosh!!!
how and where did you buy it. i really must have some now -
so completely gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That yarn is very beautiful. I bet it's yummy to knit with. I love bright colors. For me the more colors the better.