Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My new toys

My goodies arrived - I got my Ruby's Daughter skein which is gorgeous - I have to figure out some projects for the amazing handspun that I have! The crochet yarn from knitting warehouse was no great shakes - I still haven't figured out exactly what they used in that book and how to make my work look like that - the thread was too small for my E hook - I'd hate to go smaller, tho that Karabella shawl calls for a D. The rosewood hook is very nice though.

Anyway, my status. Almost done with the second strip of the cabled throw. I just did the 8 row cross cable which is very easy to do - I have about 4 more repeats and I'll be done with that. I have enough in this colorway to do two more strips I think; I am itching to change colors though so may switch to the plum for the next strip. I've decided I will get some teal, and perhaps magenta or fuschia, but I WILL wait until I've knit out the Debbie Bliss I have on hand.

I took the afghan square class at Village Knittery on Saturday and ripped out what I did in class and started over. It is a fun easy pattern; I had to stop because I left one of the balls of yarn at the store - it's the third color. I have to find time to get out there and pick it up; maybe Thursday.

I am working on the 24 leaves for the Nicky Epstein Fabulous Felted Bag Fuschia purse. I've done about 10 I think. I just carry the yarn and needles in my purse; have the simple pattern memorized so I can make one in about 4 minutes I think.

It was interesting when I took that class; saw that I was a kinda slow knitter - it was a little demoralizing. And I got a bit anxious and was making mistakes. Thus ripping it out and starting over at home where I could concentrate (and use markers to track the 225 stitches!)

I received an invitation to be considered a project knitter for spinner extraordinaire (and designer) from Material Whirled, Reenie. Don't know if she'll pick me but it sounds fun! It's to make a felted bag. Would be interesting to see how her yarn felts up.

OHH, forgot to say I finished the "versatile wrap" from Y2Knit. It is beautiful. It's the most flattering thing I've made for myself. I just need to steam it. I think I may take it to the cleaners recommended by Village Knittery - I have a few things that need to be blocked, and may just let a pro handle it. There is a nice article about how a good dry cleaner can be a knitter's best friend in the new issue of Knitty.

And excited to say that Amazon says my new Jan Eaton book, 200 Ripple Stitch patterns, is on its way. I am trying to decide on a pillow pattern for my husband's special "huggy pillow" (I know, why aren't I the huggy pillow?) which is worn from use. Perhaps there will be something there, though I am considering making up one of the squares from the Great North American Afghan book with my hand-painted yarn - just have to wind the stuff!


Word Warrior said...

"There is a nice article about how a good dry cleaner can be a knitter's best friend in the new issue of Knitty."

And here I thought I was a knitter's best friend.

The Guppy said...

Ooh! Can't wait to check out your new stash! I'm happy to say I've been VERY good in the Use What You Have month. Of course, that was mainly because I have no yarn money till Friday. *grin* Talk to me Saturday and see how I'm doing.