Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some completed works

I spent some time on one of my least favorite knitting related tasks:
weaving in - I did it on a crochet baby blanket I made about a year
ago; I decided it looks fine - at first I could only see flaws, now I
see a very pretty blanket. I also wove in/trimmed countless ends on
the Louisa Harding wrap - now just have to crochet hook the fringe...
Now I have another task I've been avoiding - redoing the seams on the
Cardishawl that I made with Debbie Bliss - I just have to adjust the
sleeve position - it will be my 3rd time redoing it! And then crochet
the trim, which I look forward to doing. The weather lately had me
wishing I had completed this already, I would have liked to wear it on
these chilly days.

Does anyone experience end-weaving anxiety like I do? I always wonder
if it's enough, will it unravel, but I hate doing it and want to
finish as quickly as possible. I did learn to wrap/weave the ends in
as I go but still wondered if I had to weave just a little bit more
before trimming; then wonder - should I be gluing in with fabric glue
- but that seems so tedious - I just want to KNIT! Does anyone relate?
I do find I get into the zen of it a bit and often it goes faster than
I expected but still... it's something I don't care for much.


the knotmaker said...

Rebecca - the blanket is beautiful! I am going to be makeing one for a good friend of mine for her baby (due in Oct.) and I am already stressing about a blanket.

Very pretty.

cathych said...

what a cute blog! Stop by & visit mine!

HPNY Knits said...

end weaving can drive you mad!! so I do it while I knit. I learnt it from a Kaffe Fassett book, he uses so many colors. as you change colors, you weave in the ends (wrap ends over working yarn) 7,8 times. it holds. when you finish your knitting, you just have to snip any extra. make sure the woven part it stretched before you snip, you adjust to the knit.