Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello, it's me

I've been remiss in posting due to work deadlines primarily. Also maybe a bit of discouragement in the knitting front. I haven't been able to make the rest of my sock series classes, and have missed the last two afghan squares as well. This has allowed me more time for other projects. Here is one of two shawls I made with Schaefer Yarn's Elaine. These were quick knits and came from kits sold by the woman who closed the knitting store near me. I have one more to make, a gift for my grandmother. Problem is, I see now why people prefer using smaller needles. I was used a 13 for one and a 15 for the red one pictured here. And my hands hurt!!! I have been having pain in my hands that wakes me up at night every night ever since I started these projects. But I keep going.

I then started a crochet project from an afghan kit that I bought at the same going out of business sale. Instead of knitting, I thought I would crochet - I wanted to see if it would be easier on my hands (it isn't). At least it is very fast and uses up a lot of yarn; I really want to reduce my stash!

I have made some progress on my Amazing Lace project. I had a scare where I realized I was messing up in the second lace pattern after completing the frill, and I tried to rip it out. Oops, I did a bad job and picked up stitches in the wrong row and it was pretty scary - fortunately Master Knitter Anita repaired it for me and I was able to move on. I need to see if working on this will go easier on my hands since it uses smaller needles (size 6).

Have found some new knitting groups near me but haven't had much time to partake. I expect to have more time once I get my "paper cut" done on the two scripts I am writing and get my editor busy. Of course it is a busy time right now with Father's Day, end of the school year etc. And we are going to Washington State, Anacortes to be precise - next week for a long weekend - getting the boys some face time with their paternal grandparents!

The other big distraction from blogging was that I got involved with Kitten Rescue, and am fostering a pair of female kitties - a snowshoe and a tuxedo that we named Sugar & Spice. These kitties are very timid and it has been a challenge to get them warmed up to us. They are still not but there has been incremental progress. One challenge is that we learned they have mange which limits handling and integrating them into our household (releasing them from the "cat bathroom"). I have been advised to withhold food so that they are REALLY happy to see me and that does make some difference though I don't think they are really that hungry - I am a soft touch.

And the other venture I got involved with was registering for an "Out of the Darkness" Community Walk. It will take place in Santa Monica in November. It raises funds for suicide prevention. It is very meaningful to me to get involved with this cause and I am excited about the opportunity. It has been strange to get virtually NO response to the fundraising emails I sent this week, which could be symptomatic of the whole weird vibe people have about this subject. I am going to try to not let that bother me, and I will keep pestering people!


Word Warrior said...

Great to see you back! I wouldn't worry about the non-response the walk -- it's just so far out from November. Try again after Labor Day.


HPNY Knits said...

was wondering what's ya' been knitting. glad to see you keep busy...
lots of purples. its often waves of too much or none.

Bliss said...

Hooray for rescue kitties! Sooooo cute.