Friday, May 12, 2006

Binding off

I completed the mosaic square from my Great North American Afghan class XRX's The Great North American Afghan Project. And I took part one of a sock class, and have done the leg portion on both pair to prevent the dreaded SSS I have read so much about. I can relate to the joys of sock knitting and am itching to cast on another pair with the delicious Carolyn Greenwood cotton/rayon sock yarn that arrived today.

But I am firm about working on my WIPs, thanks to Knitters UFO Anonymous support so despite that fact that I have bound off 3 squares and completed my class assignment on the socks (part 2 of the 3 part sock class is next Friday), I will resist the urge to cast on, and continue with the Victorian jacket WIP, adn the handle on the Nicky Epstein Fuschia bag that I've been working on.

I tell myself, it will feel good to complete these things.
PS I have come up with an fast easy use for the Fiesta Rayon Boucle Yarn in Safari that I bought (a garter shawl on big needles).


HPNY Knits said...

Ya'!! I knew you'd fall hard with the socks...
:-) its so much fun.
Diana's socks in English (with her permission)
Scroll down to 13 April 2006- Sock Pattern.
I love all your afghan squares. They are looking more difficult by the day.

JoanM said...

Wow that square must have been challenging. I am knitting a picture sweater at the moment and I hate the way the yarn twists up. Did this cause you a problem?

Sharon said...

Clever to cast on for both socks and do them together. It makes a lot of sense. Love the green shades on your socks. From a fellow Dave Carter/Tracy Grammer fan.