Saturday, April 29, 2006

ADD Grrrl

Here is a tally of my WIPs

The Nicky Epstein Fuschia bag: I have completed 52 rows of the 72 charted for the front of the bag. I have completed the back, the pocket, the five flowers (seamed and weaved all but one) the 24 leaves. I have to finish the front, do the handles, seam, duplicate stitch (which I have never done), sew the appliques, assemble and felt. Seems a little daunting when I spell it all out!

I have done 2 of the 8 cable strips for the cabled throw. I couldn't decide which one I wantted to do next - was kind of hoping to consult the new Vogue Knitting Stitchionary of cables - but I should get going, and just use another color to ease the boredom factor.

I have 2 squares in progress from the Great North American Afghan project/class that I've been taking. One has some errors that I will need help with (again). The other is going along fairly smoothly - only about 10 more rounds and it's done.

I completed the back of the Great Adirondack Victorian Jacket kit - now I have 2 fronts and 2 sleeves to get started on. I'm a bit unsure of some of hte instructions for the front, and not thrilled with the horizontal stripes on the sleeves so I need some consultation.

My Cardishawl that I knit from a Karabella pattern has been sitting waiting to be finished. I got some expert advice from Master Knitter & friend Anita that I should abandon the whole cardishawl concept, and never buy a pattern that does not show you a photo of the back again. I need to frog the sleeves, undo the bind off and just extend it so it's a bit longer, then crochet the trim. Perhaps I will come up with some sort of I cord applique idea to jazz up the great expanse of stockinette, but will wait and see how it looks with the Cashmerino Astrakhan trim (I used Debbie Bliss SuperChunky in plum for the body).

There are several works I am considering: making washcloths with the skeins of cotton chenille yarn I've had for about a year. I saw Melanie Falick's flower pattern for this, which was all the rage two years ago. There is also a nice pattern in the Mason Dixon book, worked in the round. However my experience with that sort of pattern from the afghan class wasn't the best so I don't know if I want to do that. I have been pondering what to do with the skeins of Malabrigo that I have, using one of the ripple patters in the new Jan Eaton book. And contemplating just what to make with the beautiful handspun I purchased and posted about from Material Whirled.


cathych said...

love your blog, check out mine!

mehitabel said...

You could do what I did, which is line up all those WIPs and take their picture. I also decided that a couple of them would not be finishable in their current form; they are now back to being balls of yarn. Since then, two have become UFOs and there's two more that are on their way. I posted it on my blog to give me more incentive to finish!