Thursday, March 16, 2006

Noro Denim Purses

This is the first purse I made with Noro - I saw a sample at Yarn Garden in Studio City and got the free pattern and made it in Noro Transitions, which is an interesting yarn which "transitions" between camel, cashmere, silk, alpaca and angora. I have made another one in Noro Iro, which is wool/silk which I actually like better, since the angora gets pilled in a high-use product like a purse. Anyway I love these purses, get so many compliments on them wherever I go. I do want to add some magnetic closures at the top and then they will be perfect!

The green/blue is the second Noro denim purse that I made. I much prefer this one - love the buckle, and the way the finisher did the pockets inside is fantastic - with all the pockets you usually have on jeans, including the small change pocket!

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