Sunday, March 19, 2006

FreeForm Crochet

Yesterday I took my first class in FreeForm Crochet. I was inspired by Kim B, from the LA SNB group - we exchanged some posts, she seemed really nice, and it seemed a good way to meet her, visit a new LYS (new to me anyway - the Stitch Cafe) and learn about FF Crochet. I'm so glad I did - the teacher's work, and that of the other students, was just amazing. It really is an true art form, and great for yarn fiends like myself. You can find a yarn you really like and use bits of it in several pieces, rather than have to buy 15 balls to make one (rather boring to produce) garment.

Here are some samples of what FF crochet looks like. The teacher was Myra Wood - she has a website,

I am joining the Yahoo Groups site and look forward to learning more. I did "scrumble" a bit yesterday, and will take some pics and share my first attempt soon. Kim and the other classmates were very kind and supportive - sharing bits of yarn and helping me try to keep up with the class. I spent the entire 3 hours about 2 steps behind everyone, trying to catch up. I did my first attempt at a bullion stitch - yikes - not sure what the attraction is there, though the other students made beautiful ones.

To learn more, here are some links: is Prudence Mapstone's site.
There's an online FF exhibit at


HPNY Knits said...

I love free form knitting! I took Prudence Mapstone's class in NYC and got her videos. its so much fun!!!

SusanSW said...

Welcome to freeform crochet (and knitting)!! It's a whole new world!! And you get to use up all those leftover bits of yarn!